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MARC Basic:

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The video goes through the features on the SDK and the values as they are received from your quad-rotor, helicopter, airplane, Robot Dragonfly, co-axial, tri-copter, multi-copter etc. The SDK for the Ground Station allows developers to customize their individual ground stations to their own choice. For non-developers, the application comes ready to play in a Release version (available on Downloads page).
There are numerous features on the SDK environment and ground station software and subsequent releases will be available for download.
The ground station allows other Open Source tools to be added to the existing framework.
Commands from your Aerial Vehicle are updated on the Ground station making it easy to see how the system behaves.
Various features of the Aerial Vehicle can be controlled by simple user selectable inputs and buttons.
The MARC-Basic integrates seamlessly with the Ground Station and is able to receive firmware upgrades wirelessly.
The Ground station SDK allows for easy button press firmware update options using multiple tools.
The kits comes with a USB-SPI Wireless Data Transceiver that connects to the MARC-Basic.
MARC-Basic is the only Flight computer on the market that weighs only 3.5grams and is able to expand in hardware using multiple expansion modules, add-ons and more.
The SDK and Ground Station are versatile enough to grow along with the MARC-Basic and other Flight Control Systems developed at TechJect.