A Tiny All-In-One

The MARC Basic's all-in-one design makes it one of the smallest and lightest flight controllers (Auto Pilot Systems) on the market. It includes all sensors, motor controls, and processing necessary for flight.

Versatile and Powerful

With numerous upgrades, the MARC Basic can function in multiple use cases. It can even be stacked with additional MARC Basic boards to be ready for anything from helicopters to octocopters to ornithopters and more. Monocular Vision to Stereoscopic vision capabilities among many others

The Perfect Upgrade

The MARC Basic is plug and play capable, and can easily be adapted to top of the line equipment. With a few plug n play adapters, it interfaces seamlessly with Futaba and Spektrum controllers, servos, ESCs.

See the World

Give your robot eyes (mono, stereo and compound eyes). Navigate through the world, identify objects, stabilization, applications are in the palm of your hand, literally.

Made in the USA

Designed in Georgia, manufactured in California, the MARC Basic is truly American built. It is also a good friend of UL and the environment with it being RoHS compliant

Multiple MARC-Basic Flight Controllers

The MARC-Basic Flight Controllers are able to be deployed on multiple vehicles at the same time. Each Aerial Vehicle can be independently controlled and tuned independently via the Ground Station.

MARC-Basic Flight Controller (Outdoors 6-11mph Wind Speed)

The MARC-Basic is customized with a sophisticated flight controller which adapts to fast changing environments and is versatile enough to add numerous sensors through add-on plug and play modules

MARC-Basic Flight Controller-Indoor flight

The MARC-Basics are extremely versatile and are capable of handling various indoor obstacles effectively navigate corridors, self-stabilize on impact and bumps.

MARC-Basic Flight Altitude Hold

Add ultrasonic sensors or use stereo depth perception, add-ons and sensors can easily integrate to extend to multi-missions

MARC-Basic Flight RC and Position Hold

The MARC-Basic comes pre-programmed with advanced Optical Flow based precise position hold algorithms. By combining the on-board gyroscope data with the image data from the camera module, the algorithm estimates accurate position of the platform; and that is just the beginning of what's possible with capabilities of multi-camera operations.



80Mhz Core; 80MIPS
512KB Flash


3 Axis Accelerometer
3 Axis Gyroscope


4-Ch/7-Ch 2.4Ghz Receiver
2Mbps Transceiver
6-pin IDC Programmer


Mono OVM 7692
640×480 px
Stereo Camera (optional)


All inputs ESD protected
Reverse Polarity

Weight and Dimensions

3.5 grams
2.25" x .625" x .25"

In the Box

MARC Basic


ACC-MCP2210 SPI To USB Converter

Mini-USB to USB Cable

Quick Start Guide

6 pin Firmware programming header

Flex Strips x27, x13

3 pin Servo, ESC Adapter cables

6 pin RC Receiver adaptor cable

2 pin power header

13/27 pin Breakout boards

Mounting Hardware