Why you need to get one

Robotics and Intelligent Computing is growing smaller by the day. That is the reason your smartphone fits in your hand and does more than a TV, a computer, a book, a pen, a phone... All put together. We at TechJect are revolutionizing Micro Robotics, so you can design, build and even commercialize your dreams. From micro-computers, to smart avionics to sensors & cameras, we specialize in Micro. Even the Robot Dragonfly uses all of our micro-electronics to pack more than the power of a smartphone and full-fledged avionics suite into the world's smallest form factor.



Outmatching the smallest in the world; super compact, super-low profile and portable. TechJect Dragonfly flight systems are getting smaller and smaller with each iteration. Our goal is to make robots pocketable - literally.


The dragonflies are as smart as the application requires them to be. Offering numerous computing packages to meet applications from Fun, Gaming to Security and Advanced Research.


Unlike any robot out there, the TechJect Dragonfly can be modified, ground up. Choose your application and customize your robot. Want more? Simply plug and play a new upgrade.


Small, smart, modular.. How about cool? We endeavor to make the Robot Dragonfly the coolest gadget anyone has ever seen. Customize shape, color and specifications. The newest little animal in the kingdom.

What people are saying about us

TechJect's Micro Robotics has made waves across the internet and was among the Top 6 Technology products in Crowdfunding in 2012 and remains top of the charts to date.